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Title: Driving
Pairing: JiMin x JungKook (JiKook)
Word Count: 1445
Author's Note: This is a request that I got on my AFF account Bangtan-love. I'm quite proud of how it came out~

 "Here." JiMin said, tossing JungKook the keys to his car.

The younger one was lying on his bed, staring at his phone. He looked up when the keys landed on his bed next to him? "What's this?" JungKook asked, holding the item in his hands as he gave his hyung a curious look.

"They're keys." Was JiMin's simple and sarcastic reply.

JungKook rolled his eyes as he sat up, placing both of his feet on the floor. "No shit, hyung." He asserted.

JiMin shrugged. "You asked."

"I mean, why are you giving them to me?" JungKook questioned, giving a curious look to his hyung.

JiMin smiled and walked into the room. He grabbed on JungKook's hand and pulled him off the bed, out of the room, and out of the apartment. "You're learning to drive." JiMin said as he pulled JungKook onto the elevator with him, going down.

"What but I don't even have my license yet." JungKook protested.

"You have your permit. I have my license." JiMin explained. "You need to learn to drive so that you can get your license. You're an adult now."

The elevator reached the first floor, and the doors open. JungKook didn't even realize that JiMin was still holding his hand until he realized that he didn't have to grab it again to pull JungKook off the elevator. JungKook pulled his hand out of JiMin's grip, but they both continued walking. "Are you sure trust me enough?" JungKook asked as he walked to the driver's side of JiMin's car. "I'll probably kill us."

JiMin opened the door and motioned for JungKook to get in, too. Of course it felt strange sitting on the passenger's side of his own car, but it was worth it if it meant that JungKook was going to be able to drive. Eventually the kid would be getting his own car to drive. "You should feel honored." JiMin said as JungKook fastened his seatbelt.

Once his seatbelt was fastened, the younger froze. He looked at the steering wheel, realizing that this was reality. He was really, actually, about to drive a car. He got his permit a while ago, but he has never had any driving experience yet. He's never had a reason to. He never needed to go anywhere that he couldn't walk to, and, if he did, one of his hyung's would have to go anyway, so they usually were the ones driving. He was more afraid of driving JiMin's car than driving in general. He was worried that he would do something incredibly wrong and get the car ruined. He knew how much the car meant to JiMin. "We are inside the car," JiMin's voice snapped JungKook back into reality, and the younger had to hold back a sarcastic comment. "What is the first thing you do?"

"Scoot the seat back. Really, hyung, you are so small." JungKook said as he located the button that would allow him to adjust the position of the driver's seat.

To that, JiMin rolled his eyes, but he decided not to respond. He had forgotten about JungKook having to readjust everything for his height, which meant that the perfect positions that he had everything in was going to be ruined. "Now, start the car." JiMin said. "It's not going to go anywhere if you don't."

JungKook put the key in the ignition and turned the car on. Really, this was his first time coming even close to driving, so he really didn't know a lot about what he was doing. He basically just waited for JiMin's every command. He could already tell that this was a lot different than just reading the book, which is why JungKook was a hands on learner for almost everything. "Now we go?" JungKook asked.

"If you do, you'd be making a mistake." JiMin informed him. "Since we have a big difference in height, you should check your mirrors first, and always check your mirrors first when taking the actual exam."

JungKook adjusted the mirrors so that he would be able to see what was beind him. "Oh, and one more thing," JiMin spoke again. He pointed to each of the handles by the stearing wheel explaining what they were supposed to do. To talk about the trunk, hood, and blinkers, he had to lean across JungKook. The younger unconsciously held his breath as his hyung was so close to him. It obviously was not the first time that JiMin had been so close to him, but there was a different feeling when it was in a confined space like the car. JungKook didn't know why, but he could feel his heart beating a little faster. He wondered if JiMin could notice it. He felt a little more comfortable when JiMin leaned back into his own space and continued to explain the controls on the steering wheel, the hazards, and everything else you could think of. "Okay, hyung." JungKook said, getting tired of so much information being put into his head at once. "I get it." He then looked at JiMin with curious eyes as he realized he had no idea where they were going. "Where are we going?" JungKook asked.

JiMin leaned back in his seat with a smile on his face. "You'll see." That response wasn't good enough for JungKook, and it only made the younger one more curious. "Put the car in reverse, and back out of here."

JungKook did just as JiMin said. He slammed on the breaks when he realized that he was on the gas too hard, and the car zoomed out of the parking space. He put it back into park, and looked at JiMin, the elder laughing at him. "Don't laugh at me." JungKook whined. "Hyung, I can't do this." The younger attempted to unfasten his seatbelt so that he could switch places with JiMin, but JiMin stopped him by grabbing his arm.

"JungKook, it's okay." JiMin assured him, he was no longer laughing. His face had turned completely serious. "We all make mistakes our first time. I promise you, we are not going to die. Put the car in drive, and let's go."

JungKook, again, did just as JiMin told him. He put the car into drive, and turned out of the parking lot. Going onto the actual road was probably scariest part of it all, and knowing if he should start slowing down at the yellow lights or keep going. JiMin would let him know everytime, but even then, it was scary. Every mistake that JungKook made, JiMin reacted calmly. JungKook made every turn that JiMin told him to make, still having no idea where they were going. "Hyung, don't look at your phone while I'm driving." JungKook panicked as JiMin pulled out his phone. "I need you to pay attention to what I'm doing."

"Just a second, Kook. I need to tell someone something." He said and within a few seconds he slipped his phone back into his pocket. "Look, you're doing fine."

JungKook continued following JiMin's instructions until he was pulling into the parking of a nice resaurant. Suddenly JungKook's accelerated heart rate was coming back to him as he did an awful job parking. He turned the car off and looked at JiMin. "What are we doing here?" He didn't expect his voice to sound so small.

"Look at your phone." JiMin said.

Confused, JungKook pulled out his phone. He received a text message from JiMin. Why did JiMin text him if he was sitting right there. Couldn't he have just said it? He opened the text: "Will you be my boyfriend?" JungKook was a little shocked by the message. His face was tinted a light shade of pink, and he was too shy to look at JiMin.

"Well?" JiMin asked, tilting his head so he could properly look into JungKook eyes.

JungKook felt nervous. He was too nervous to respond, which didn't make any sense to him. JiMin was the one asking him out, so why was he the one feeling so nervous? Maybe JiMin hyung was feeling nervous too, but he was better at hiding it than JungKook was. JungKook couldn't find any words to say, so he just closed his eyes, leaned forward, and placed a kiss on JiMin's lips. "I take that as a yes?" JiMin asked and JungKook nodded. "I was going to have our first date be on the beach, but I figure the ocean's a bit too far away to have you drive right now." JiMin said as he got out of the car. JungKook followed him. "By the way, I'm driving home." He said, and JungKook gladly tossed the keys over.

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Title: The Pet Shop
Pairing: JiMin x JungKook (JiKook)
Word Count: 792
Author's Note: Here is one that is cute and fluffy. Enjoy!

 JungKook hated the mornings more than anything. Especially when he had to be at Bulletproof Pets at 7am to start his shifts for the day. He liked his sleep a lot, so it was never likely that he woke up in time to eat breakfast before going to work. He sighed before walking through the doors, knowing that he would be assigned chores almost instantly. JungKook didn't hate working at Bulletproof Pets, he just hated having to get up so early in the morning.

Once he was inside, he saw NamJoon and SeokJin, the owners of the place, discussing something. As much as he liked to stick his nose in their busines, there was no time because right on time HoSeok, the Kims' assistant, came up to JungKook to give him his tasks for the day. "Kook, it looks like you are in charge of Section B today." HoSeok was looking at his clipboard as he spoke. "Remember, you are in charge of bathing, feeding, watering, and exercising. Your partner for today is JiMin." He then gave JungKook a serious look. "You two remember that your job is to work, not fool around. We're running a business here, and it's not a dating service."

JungKook rolled his eyes with a small giggle and a little nod. HoSeok was only warning him because JiMin and him were caught making out on the clock one time. That day NamJoon and SeokJin had called both of them into their office. They explained that they don't mind if their employees were dating each other, but they should always remember to act professionally in a place of business. JungKook didn't know what the problem was, then. JiMin was quite professional. JungKook's cheeks turned a rosy pink at the thought as he entered Section B.

Today was going to be a good day for JungKook. Other than the fact that he had skipped breakfast, everything else was going great. He was assigned to Section B, his favorite because it was the section with the quiet puppies. And his partner was JiMin. Of course, all of the employees at Bulletproof Pets were great to work with because they were all hard workers, but none of them were quite as nice to work with as his own boyfriend. Working with the others always felt like work, but working with JiMin was easy. Just them being together was easy.

"Kookie, you're late." JiMin said exiting one of the pens. "It's already time to walk."


Eventually lunch time rolled around, and JiMin was already on top of it. He had ordered McDonald's to come by the shop. Of course McDonald's wasn't the most ideal food to order, but it was the easiest thing when they were on the clock and both of them forgot to pack a lunch. JiMin and JungKook took their meals to the backyard and sat on the ground while they ate. They sat on the grass, eating their meals as they talked about nothing. Anyone who walked past and heard their conversation would have thought that they were sharing meaningless words with each other. But to these two, the fact that they could share anything with each other, even the meaningless things, was the most meaningful thing.

Once they were done eating, there was still quite a few minutes left of their lunch hour, so they continued talking. JiMin did most of the talking while JungKook just listened, watching JiMin's lips. "I'm honestly surprised that I'm still working here." JiMin said. "After all the trouble I've gotten in, I'm surprised they haven't fired me. NamJin are good people. I guess they like me because I'm good with the pups. I might not be good at any-"

Without saying a word, without any other form of a warning, JungKook connected his lips with JiMin's. Not another word came out of the elder's mouth. How could it? The maknae had his lips locked in a passionate kiss. JungKook pushed JiMin back until he was lying on the ground and JungKook could properly position himself on top of him. He broke the kiss to look at JiMin's face. "JungKook, if we get caught, we'll both be fired." JiMin was lightly panting as he spoke, looking up at his boyfriend.

"They won't fire us." JungKook assured him as he leaned in for another kiss. JiMin let out a small moan as JungKook's tongue explored every corner of his mouth. JungKook's hands found their way down JiMin's torso until they reached the bottom of his shirt. Lifting it up so he could feel JiMin's hard stomach, he forced another moan from the elder's mouth.

"Jeon JungKook." HoSeok's voice caused JungKook to rise up. "The Kims want to see you in their office."

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Title: Snow
Pairing: JiMin x JungKook (JiKook)
Word Count: 653
Author's Note: Hello! Simon here with another JiKook drabble. I guess it's a little long for a drabble, but it doesn't feel right calling something so short a one a drabble it shall be! Anyway~ I hope you guys enjoy this one!

"Hurry up, hyung! It's freezi-" JungKook's words were muffled as he turned around, being struck in the face with a snowball. As he wiped the snow away from his face, he could see the shocked expression on JiMin's face. Why was he shocked? He was the one who had thrown the damn pile of snow. "Hyung!" JungKook called out.
"You weren't supposed to turn around!" JiMin easily argued back. "I was aiming for the back of your neck!"
In just a moment, JiMin was pelted in the face with a snowball as well, and he gave JungKook a dirty look. "That one was on purpose." JiMin pouted. He really didn't mean to hit JungKook in the face. It wasn't like he willed him to turn around just as the ball of snow was about splatter him.
"No it wasn't." The younger smirked. "I was aiming for your heart. Since it's cold. Like the snow. I just forgot that you were so short and aimed too high."
Huh. So that was how the younger wanted to play? Insulting JiMin twice in one blow? JiMin was never good at coming up with insults to backfire at JungKook. No matter how hard he tried, he just couldn't come up with anything mean to say about him. So, JiMin had to fight back the only way he knew how. Fire with fire. Or in this case, ice with ice? "We're even now, so let's go." JungKook said as he turned to walk away.
JiMin smirked and took this as the perfect opportunity to sabbotage the other. He bunched up as much snow as he could in his two hands. "Jeon JungKook!" He called. "Prepare yourself."
As the younger turned around, he was met with another snowball instantly. Although he should have been expecting it, it surprised him again this time, and he fell down the ground, landing on his butt. Luckily, there was plenty of snow on the ground, so the fall was colder than it was painful. "That's not fair!" JungKook whined as he tried to get up, but JiMin was already standing over him. The elder pushed him back into the snow, causing a small "oomph" to come from the younger's mouth.
"This game isn't about being fair." JiMin said, lightly grabbing JungKook's chin and tilting his head up to look at him. "I win." He said, leaning forward and placing a small kiss on the younger's lips. It was meant to be a small kiss, but once their lips connected, the cold from the outside world seemed to disappear. JiMin pulled JungKook up from the ground a little to deepen the kiss. Just then, JiMin pulled back fairly quickly thanks to the younger putting snow down his shirt.
"I think I win, hyung." JungKook had a huge grin on his face.
JiMin gave the younger a sour look. "You're evil. I was having a moment."
JungKook got himself up from the ground and wiped himself free of snow. "Oh, we're not done, yet." JungKook said, pushing JiMin so hard that he fell into the snow. He climbed on top of his hyung, his knees on either side of JiMin's waist. He placed both hands on either side of JiMin's face as he leaned forward and kissed his hyung passionately. As JiMin was not so evil as JungKook as to put ice down his shirt, that kiss lasted until JungKook pulled away himself.
JiMin lay in the snow, looking up at his boyfriend. He should have felt cold, lying in the snow the way he was, but he didn't. He was warm. There was a warm feeling inside his body, and it made him feel warm outside as well. As he opened his mouth to speak, JungKook silenced him with another kiss, this time less passionate. "I'm in love with you." JungKook said as he pulled away for the second time. "Hyung, I love you."
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Word Count: 404


"Dammit, JiMin." JungKook said, ending the call and trying again. He had already called his hyung twice, trying to get him to come to the door. JungKook had left his key to the hall in his room when he left to go to practice earlier, so there was no way he was getting in if someone didn't open the door for him. "I'm freezing to death out here." He mumbled as he tried ringing his hyung once more.

One ring. Two rings. Three rings. "JungKook, don't you know it's two in the morning?" JiMin answered the phone. JungKook could tell by the sound of his voice that JiMin had been sleeping, but he was just happy that the older one finally answered the phone.

"Yeah, and I also know that it's freezing out here." JungKook whined, but he didn't mean to. He didn't want to sound like he was complaining. "I left my key in the building."

He grimmaced as JiMin laughed a little on the other side. It was so like JiMin to take pleasure in JungKook's unhappiness. "I'll be there in just a minute." JiMin spoke into the phone, and, somehow, JungKook found JiMin's tired voice to be very appealing. JungKook ended the call again since all he could hear was JiMin shuffling around his room as he was probably looking for his shoes or something. Within seconds, JiMin was at the door, smiling out at JungKook.

"You know, you're pretty cute when your cold." JiMin laughed from the inside. "I think I'll enjoy this sight for a little while."

JungKook rolled his eyes, obviously annoyed at the elder for being such a prick. "Dammit, JiMin!" JungKook called inside. "Will you just open the door so I can come in?"

JiMin opened the door, but, instead of letting JungKook inside like a good boyfriend, he joined him in the cold like an idiot, letting the door close behind him. "I said," JiMin said as he grabbed JungKook's scarf, pulling the younger down for a kiss. "You're really cute."

JungKook got shy before slightly turning his head away. "Okay, now let's go inside. It's fucking cold out here." JungKook ordered.

JiMin didn't move, he just looked up at the younger. JungKook had a feeling that he knew what JiMin was going to say. "Don't be mad." JiMin started, but it was too late. JungKook was already mad. "But, I left my key inside."


Author's Note || hello, everyone! Simon here. This is the first drabble in my JiKook series. I came up with this because it's actually something extremely similar to what happened to me, so's slightly based on a true story. I hope that you enjoyed it, and I hope that you look for more stories to come soon because I really enjoy writing these, and I will have plenty up here soon.


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