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Title: The Pet Shop
Pairing: JiMin x JungKook (JiKook)
Word Count: 792
Author's Note: Here is one that is cute and fluffy. Enjoy!

 JungKook hated the mornings more than anything. Especially when he had to be at Bulletproof Pets at 7am to start his shifts for the day. He liked his sleep a lot, so it was never likely that he woke up in time to eat breakfast before going to work. He sighed before walking through the doors, knowing that he would be assigned chores almost instantly. JungKook didn't hate working at Bulletproof Pets, he just hated having to get up so early in the morning.

Once he was inside, he saw NamJoon and SeokJin, the owners of the place, discussing something. As much as he liked to stick his nose in their busines, there was no time because right on time HoSeok, the Kims' assistant, came up to JungKook to give him his tasks for the day. "Kook, it looks like you are in charge of Section B today." HoSeok was looking at his clipboard as he spoke. "Remember, you are in charge of bathing, feeding, watering, and exercising. Your partner for today is JiMin." He then gave JungKook a serious look. "You two remember that your job is to work, not fool around. We're running a business here, and it's not a dating service."

JungKook rolled his eyes with a small giggle and a little nod. HoSeok was only warning him because JiMin and him were caught making out on the clock one time. That day NamJoon and SeokJin had called both of them into their office. They explained that they don't mind if their employees were dating each other, but they should always remember to act professionally in a place of business. JungKook didn't know what the problem was, then. JiMin was quite professional. JungKook's cheeks turned a rosy pink at the thought as he entered Section B.

Today was going to be a good day for JungKook. Other than the fact that he had skipped breakfast, everything else was going great. He was assigned to Section B, his favorite because it was the section with the quiet puppies. And his partner was JiMin. Of course, all of the employees at Bulletproof Pets were great to work with because they were all hard workers, but none of them were quite as nice to work with as his own boyfriend. Working with the others always felt like work, but working with JiMin was easy. Just them being together was easy.

"Kookie, you're late." JiMin said exiting one of the pens. "It's already time to walk."


Eventually lunch time rolled around, and JiMin was already on top of it. He had ordered McDonald's to come by the shop. Of course McDonald's wasn't the most ideal food to order, but it was the easiest thing when they were on the clock and both of them forgot to pack a lunch. JiMin and JungKook took their meals to the backyard and sat on the ground while they ate. They sat on the grass, eating their meals as they talked about nothing. Anyone who walked past and heard their conversation would have thought that they were sharing meaningless words with each other. But to these two, the fact that they could share anything with each other, even the meaningless things, was the most meaningful thing.

Once they were done eating, there was still quite a few minutes left of their lunch hour, so they continued talking. JiMin did most of the talking while JungKook just listened, watching JiMin's lips. "I'm honestly surprised that I'm still working here." JiMin said. "After all the trouble I've gotten in, I'm surprised they haven't fired me. NamJin are good people. I guess they like me because I'm good with the pups. I might not be good at any-"

Without saying a word, without any other form of a warning, JungKook connected his lips with JiMin's. Not another word came out of the elder's mouth. How could it? The maknae had his lips locked in a passionate kiss. JungKook pushed JiMin back until he was lying on the ground and JungKook could properly position himself on top of him. He broke the kiss to look at JiMin's face. "JungKook, if we get caught, we'll both be fired." JiMin was lightly panting as he spoke, looking up at his boyfriend.

"They won't fire us." JungKook assured him as he leaned in for another kiss. JiMin let out a small moan as JungKook's tongue explored every corner of his mouth. JungKook's hands found their way down JiMin's torso until they reached the bottom of his shirt. Lifting it up so he could feel JiMin's hard stomach, he forced another moan from the elder's mouth.

"Jeon JungKook." HoSeok's voice caused JungKook to rise up. "The Kims want to see you in their office."


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