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Word Count: 404


"Dammit, JiMin." JungKook said, ending the call and trying again. He had already called his hyung twice, trying to get him to come to the door. JungKook had left his key to the hall in his room when he left to go to practice earlier, so there was no way he was getting in if someone didn't open the door for him. "I'm freezing to death out here." He mumbled as he tried ringing his hyung once more.

One ring. Two rings. Three rings. "JungKook, don't you know it's two in the morning?" JiMin answered the phone. JungKook could tell by the sound of his voice that JiMin had been sleeping, but he was just happy that the older one finally answered the phone.

"Yeah, and I also know that it's freezing out here." JungKook whined, but he didn't mean to. He didn't want to sound like he was complaining. "I left my key in the building."

He grimmaced as JiMin laughed a little on the other side. It was so like JiMin to take pleasure in JungKook's unhappiness. "I'll be there in just a minute." JiMin spoke into the phone, and, somehow, JungKook found JiMin's tired voice to be very appealing. JungKook ended the call again since all he could hear was JiMin shuffling around his room as he was probably looking for his shoes or something. Within seconds, JiMin was at the door, smiling out at JungKook.

"You know, you're pretty cute when your cold." JiMin laughed from the inside. "I think I'll enjoy this sight for a little while."

JungKook rolled his eyes, obviously annoyed at the elder for being such a prick. "Dammit, JiMin!" JungKook called inside. "Will you just open the door so I can come in?"

JiMin opened the door, but, instead of letting JungKook inside like a good boyfriend, he joined him in the cold like an idiot, letting the door close behind him. "I said," JiMin said as he grabbed JungKook's scarf, pulling the younger down for a kiss. "You're really cute."

JungKook got shy before slightly turning his head away. "Okay, now let's go inside. It's fucking cold out here." JungKook ordered.

JiMin didn't move, he just looked up at the younger. JungKook had a feeling that he knew what JiMin was going to say. "Don't be mad." JiMin started, but it was too late. JungKook was already mad. "But, I left my key inside."


Author's Note || hello, everyone! Simon here. This is the first drabble in my JiKook series. I came up with this because it's actually something extremely similar to what happened to me, so's slightly based on a true story. I hope that you enjoyed it, and I hope that you look for more stories to come soon because I really enjoy writing these, and I will have plenty up here soon.
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